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Custom Peopulls Zipper Pull Set

$ 15.00

Want a very unique way to make soft top removal/installation easier on your Jeep Wrangler vehicle? or maybe accent a bag winter coat or identify your luggage quicker at baggage claim? "Peo-Pull" Zipper pulls are the answer!, sold in sets of 4.

Handmade from U.S. sourced mil-spec, commercial grade 550 paracord (parachute cord). These zipper Pulls feature Head and skeletal torso cord weave detailing. Available in custom colors to complement your Jeep vehicles interior or exterior color or item color pattern(see chart photos). Pulls will fit most large zippers- your choice of one color or two-tone (base torso color plus contrasting "arms" color of your choice) Order a set today!

Cord used in Photos:

To Order:

Please study the color charts and specify your choices in the drop-downs for Head/Torso and Arms.

Don't see the color you would like?-please contact us! we stock and can source most colors.

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